2020 REU Participants, Mentors and Projects

Andrea Appleton_REU2020

Andrea Appleton
Georgia Southern University

Faculty mentor: Elena Kramer (OEB)
Grad student mentor: Molly Edwards
Project: Genetic architecture of inflorescence height in two species of Aquilegia (columbine) with contrasting ecologies

Bulent Furkan Atahan_REU2020

Furkan Atahan
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Faculty mentor: Gonzalo Giribet (OEB)
Grad student mentors: Cody McCoy and Ben Goulet-Scott
Project: City Trees: Legend, Myth, Opportunity

David Breault_REU2020

David Breault
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Faculty mentor: Scott Edwards (OEB) and Jonathan Losos (Washington University)
Grad student mentor: Sofia Prado-Irwin
Project: Let’s get groovy! The evolution of costal grooves in salamanders

Arthur Lynch_REU2020
Arthur Lynch

Dartmough College

Faculty mentor: Javier Ortega-Hernández (OEB)
Grad student mentors: Rudy Lerosey-Aubri and Stephen Pate 
Project: Using quantitative computational methods to analyse form and function of cephalic shield design in Ostracoderms (ancient jawless fish)

Urmila Mallick_REU2020

Urmila Mallick
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Faculty mentor: Colleen Cavanaugh (OEB)
Grad student mentor: Daniel Utter
Project: Bacterial Symbiosis in the Human Oral Microbiome: Combining Metagenomics and Transcriptomics to Identify the Ecology of TM7x in Health and Disease

Agnes Rios-Delgado_REU2020

Agnes Ríos
University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras

Faculty mentor: Ann Pearson (EPS)
Grad student mentor: Ana Gonzalez-Nayeck
Project: Analyzing the distribution and abundance of bicarbonate-utilizing carbon fixation pathways in Yellowstone National Park using metagenomics

Diana Velazquez_REU2020

Diana Velazquez
Northwestern University

Faculty mentor: Ann Pearson (EPS)
Grad student mentor: Ana Gonzalez-Nayeck
Project: Carbon isotope ratios reflect the relative diversity of carbon metabolisms in hot springs Archaea