Participant Profiles

Andrea Appleton_REU2020

Andrea Appleton
University: Georgia Southern University
Major: Biology
Hometown: Brooklet, GA

I am a biology major at Georgia Southern University interested in the evolution, development, and diversification of flowers. The beauty of nature has always inspired me, and I feel fortunate now to study that beauty scientifically. I love spending time outdoors, reading, and learning about our world!

Elena Kramer (OEB)
Bulent Furkan Atahan_REU2020

Furkan Atahan
University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Major: Biology & Biotechnology
Hometown: Worcester, MA

I am a Biology & Biotechnology major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am originally from Turkey. I am very interested in biomimicry and evolution. I also very much enjoy designing. Hummingbirds are my favorite animal. I am a Potterhead and my muggle hobbies include surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Gonzalo Giribet (OEB)
David Breault_REU2020

David Breault
University: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Major: Environmental Science-Wildlife Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

I am an Environmental Science and Wildlife Biology major at Edinboro University, and entering my senior year! I love being outdoors, particular camping, hiking, and fishing. I have a particular passion for animals, and I hope to achieve a PhD in Zoology so that I can study animals my whole life!

Scott Edwards (OEB) and Jonathon Losos (Washington University)
Arthur Lynch_REU2020

Arthur Lynch
University: Dartmouth College
Major: Biology
Hometown: Boston, MA

I'm a U.S Air Force veteran who served in Okinawa, Japan. My goal is to become an Evolutionary Biologist. I want to study life’s origins, how single cells made the jump to multi-cellularity, and how life evolves through deep time. I want to earn my PhD, but more importantly, I want to use this tiny human life span to help unlock the secrets of life itself.

Javier Ortega-Hernández (OEB)
Urmila Mallick_REU2020

Urmila Mallick
University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Major: Biology & Biotechnology and Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Hometown: Holden, MA

I’m a rising senior at WPI, interested in conservation, ecology, policy studies, and social entrepreneurship. I love travelling, hiking, watching classic movies, reading, and spending time with my family. I am the ultimate wildlife and pet fan and enjoy volunteering at shelters and rehabilitating orphaned animals back into the wild. I aim to do my PhD in ecology and become an entrepreneur someday to address various kinds of human-wildlife conflict.

Elsie Sunderland (SEAS)
Agnes Rios-Delgado_REU2020

Agnes Ríos
University: University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: San Juan, PR

I am a Chemistry major at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus. My future goals are to earn a PhD in environmental chemistry, and, through research, help diminish the environmental crisis we are facing. My passion for the environment is deeply rooted in my love for my island and all the mesmerizing treasures it holds. I enjoy art, theatre, and dancing!

Ann Pearson (EPS)
Diana Velazquez_REU2020

Diana Velazquez
University: Northwestern University
Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Chicago, IL

I am an environmental science major at Northwestern University. I am particularly interested in the field of biogeochemistry and hope to obtain a PhD in this field of study. While I consider myself a city girl, my love for nature came from childhood visits to Mexico. I enjoy walking along Chicago’s riverwalk during the summer, binge watching drama shows, and discovering new music!

Ann Pearson (EPS)