2019 REU Participants, Mentors and Projects

Alissandra Ayala REU 2019 Poster

Alissandra Ayala
University of Texas at Austin

Faculty mentor: N. Michele Holbrook
Project: Temperate forests! How climate change affects growth and phenology

Aundrea Kroger 2019 REU Poster

Aundrea (Dree) Koger
Western Washington University

Faculty mentor: Benjamin de Bivort
Project: Playing it cool: An investigation of thermal preference in entomophthora muscae-infected Drosophila melanogaster

Nicole Marquez-Reyes 2019 REU Poster

Nicole Márquez-Reyes
University of Peurto Rico, Cayey

Faculty mentor: Cassandra Extavour
Project: Evolution of ovariole number in insects

Macy Petrula 2019 REU Poster

Macy Petrula
California State University, Sacramento

Faculty mentor: Gonzalo Giribet
Project: Identifying marine snails and slugs from the Maldives with COI barcoding

Emma Riccardi 2019 REU Poster

Emma Riccardi
Northeastern University

Faculty mentor: Peter Girguis
Project: Impact of oxygen on an iron and sulfur oxidizing microbe

Alyssa Vanerelli 2019 REU Poster

Alyssa Vanerelli
University of North Carolina at Asheville

Faculty mentor: Hopi Hoekstra
Project: Finding evidence for arboreal adaptation in rodents through an unbiased computational analysis of museum records

Kierra Wilk 2019 REU Poster

Kierra Wilk
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Faculty mentor: David Johnson
Project: Isotopic and experimental insights on the mechanisms of pyrite oxidation